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RE: Mask Mandates

Common Sense for Oregon has taken many cases pushing back against some government regulations relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. As to mask mandates, we must limit any assistance we provide to schools, churches, and businesses who have previously contacted us regarding mask mandate issues. If you need assistance in regard to mask mandate issues and have not previously contacted Common Sense for Oregon, we recommend you contact an attorney or call the Oregon State Bar Attorney Referral Service. The Oregon State Bar Attorney Referral Service toll free number is (800) 452-7636.


RE: Vaccine Mandates

Common Sense for Oregon has the following common sense advice for employees who are required to get a Covid-19 vaccine and are seeking exemption:

  1. Read your employment contract to determine what is said about vaccine mandates, if anything.

  2. If you are seeking a medical exemption, consult with your family physician.

  3. If you are seeking a religious exemption, document your sincerely held beliefs and present it to your employer’s human resources department or other supervisory persons.

Currently, we do not have the resources to take on these matters because of our heavy load of other Covid-19 issues.

This is not legal advice. For legal advice, please consult an attorney or call the Oregon State Bar Attorney Referral Service number, (800) 452-7636.

Mask Mandate and Vaccine Responses