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Join us at a Gadsby's Tavern dinner!

The Gadsby's Tavern Project takes its name from the public building in America that is most intimately associated with the struggle for independence and establishment of national sovereignty.


The first celebration of the federal constitution took place at Gadsby's Tavern on June 28, 1788 in Alexandria, Virginia.

Visitors to Gadsby's Tavern included George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe.


Social and political gatherings at Gadsby's Tavern provided the venue for many of the leaders of the American Revolution - and then the new national government - to gather to discuss major issues and the outlines of our new nation.


The Gadsby's Tavern Project allows Oregon's community leaders and organizers to engage in open-ended discussions about what is right and what is wrong with the structure of Oregon government today and to propose common sense solutions.


We hold a series of gatherings throughout the state, so that community leaders and organizers can readily come together, break bread, and discuss the issues, not in terms of detailed concerns or detailed solutions, but in terms of broad public policy.



To schedule a Gadsby's Tavern open discussion session in your community, contact: