Below are highlights of Governor Kate Brown's Executive Orders (Click the Executive Order Number and you can read the Executive Orders in their entirety):


Executive Order 20-05

  1. Prohibiting large social, spiritual, and recreational gatherings of 250 people or more, statewide.


Executive Order 20-07

  1. Prohibition on On-Premises Consumption of Food and Drink

  2. Prohibition of Gatherings of 25 People or More


Executive Order 20-08

  1. All public schools are closed

  2. Early Learning System Director is authorized to establish requirements for emergency child care


Executive Order 20-09

  1. All colleges and universities are closed


Executive Order 20-10

  1. To conserve PPE, all elective and non-urgent procedures that use PPE are cancelled or rescheduled no earlier than June 15, 2020

  2. Other industries that use PPE are strongly encouraged to cancel or postpone non-essential use of PPE and surplus PPE should be donated

  3. Prohibition on non-essential visitors


Executive Order 20-11

  1. Temporary moratorium on residential evictions


Executive Order 20-12

  1. Order to stay home

    1. No social gatherings if 6 ft social distance cannot be maintained

    2. Prohibition on patronizing closed businesses

  2. Closure of certain businesses

  3. Required social distancing for other retail businesses

  4. Workspace restrictions

  5. Government buildings are closed to the public and by appointment only

  6. Child care providers must close if they cannot maintain stable groups of 10 or less children in a classroom that cannot be accessed by other children outside the group.

  7. Childcare must be prioritized for certain groups

  8. All public recreational areas and parks are closed

  9. Travel is restricted to essential travel


Executive Order 20-13

  1. Landlords may not terminate rental agreements or evict tenants for nonpayment


Executive Order 20-16

  1. Public meetings are moved online


Executive Order 20-18

  1. Garnishment of CARES Act Recovery Rebates Prohibited


Executive Order 20-19

  1. Childcare facilities not approved by or unable to comply with the Early Learning Division (ELD) must remain closed


Executive Order 20-20

  1. In person classroom instruction prohibited


Executive Order 20-22

  1. Elective and non-urgent procedures that use PPE are allowed if they can comply with rules issued by Oregon Health Authority

  2. Non-essential visitors are prohibited, essential visitors must be screened