Portland Lawlessness Record

This record will highlight the lawlessness going on in Portland since May 2020. We are establishing this record so that public officials will understand that we are keeping a regular update as to how they have allowed criminals to violate the law on the streets of Portland without any consequences. Our goal is that responsible public officials will be reminded that they need to carry out their duty to see that respect for the law and enforcement of the law is restored in Portland.


Source: Portland Police Bureau

Daily Summary of Lawlessness in Portland 

Night of September 13/Early Morning September 14

Due to the wildfires raging all around the state and the poor air quality, there were no reports of physical protests this night. According to the Portland Black Lives Matter Events website, some of the in-person protests were converted to online format or cancelled.

Source: KOIN, Protest at juvenile detention center in Portland ends peacefully, police say, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/protest-at-juvenile-detention-center-in-portland-ends-peacefully/


Night of September 12/Early Morning September 13


There was a short protest with no reports of violence held outside at the Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Center in northeast Portland. Police greeted the protestors in non-riot gear and asked the protestors to remain civil but that they could be arrested if they crossed over the police tape the police had placed to keep protestors from being close to the building. One of the Multnomah County Commissioners, Chair Deborah Kafoury, told the protestors to keep the event “as short as possible” because of the poor air quality from the wildfires.

Source: KOIN, Protest at juvenile detention center in Portland ends peacefully, police say, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/protest-at-juvenile-detention-center-in-portland-ends-peacefully/


Night of September 11/Early Morning September 12


Due to the wildfires raging all around the state and the poor air quality, there were no reports of physical protests this night. According to the Portland Black Lives Matter Events website, some of the in-person protests were converted to online format or cancelled.

Source: KOIN, Protest at juvenile detention center in Portland ends peacefully, police say, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/protest-at-juvenile-detention-center-in-portland-ends-peacefully/


Night of September 10/Early Morning September 11


There were no reports of activities by protestors in media accounts. The Portland Police Bureau sent out a press release in regards to the Portland Mayor banning police from using CS gas during protests. The press release states that the ban will make it “very difficult” for the police to address the kind of violence they have been experiencing by protestors. While the officers do not want to use the gas unless necessary, the police say it is very effective and a much” lower level of force than impact weapons.” The banning of the CS gas to disperse the crowds of protestors means that the police will have to resort to other physical force to stop them. The press release coincides with a new poll taken that shows the “majority of Oregon voters disapprove of the ongoing nightly protests in Portland and believe officers haven’t used enough force in their response.”


Sources: The Oregonian, Oregon voters disapprove of Portland protests, feel police aren’t using enough force, poll finds, https://www.oregonlive.com/politics/2020/09/oregon-voters-disapprove-of-portland-protests-feel-police-arent-using-enough-force-poll-finds.html

Portland Police Bureau, Portland Police Bureau needs tools to protect community and themselves during riots that endanger life safety, https://www.portlandoregon.gov/police/news/read.cfm?id=261185

Night of September 9/Early Morning September 10


The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building was the scene of protestors. Protestors stood in the street and one protestor pointed a flashing light at officers. There were no objects thrown at officers and no fires started in front of the federal building. There was loud music playing and protestors danced near the officers. Neither an unlawful assembly nor riot was declared.


Source: The Oregonian, Portland protests return to ICE building Wednesday after top DHS official criticizes city, https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2020/09/portland-protests-return-to-ice-building-wednesday-after-top-dhs-official-criticizes-city.html

Night of September 8/Early Morning September 9


Protests continued after a brief hiatus the previous night that officials believed was due to the wildfires ravaging throughout the state. The Justice Center and City Hall were the main sites for protestors. Protestors stood in the street and blocked traffic at both of those sites. Protestors also went to the Transit Police Department Offices where they stood on the MAX train tracks and affected the traffic. Protestors threw many items at police officers including eggs and water bottles.

Source: KOIN, Night 103: Protesters march through downtown Portland, 11 arrests, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/night-103-portland-police-protesters-09082020/


Night of September 7/Early Morning September 8


There were no protests reported in downtown Portland. Officials believe the wildfire smoke and conditions from wildfires burning in Central Oregon caused the protestors to not come out to protest. Officials are worried that with the wildfire conditions mixed with the fires that have been set by protestors more damage maybe done. 


Source: KATU, Fire officials concerned about fires at Portland protests, https://katu.com/news/local/fire-officials-concerned-about-fires-at-portland-protests

Night of September 6/Early Morning September 7


After a night of rioting that went on for many hours late into the night and morning, protests continued again the following night outside the North Precinct building. Protestors blocked traffic near the building. Protestors started a fire in the street. The fire was quickly extinguished by Portland firefighters. The protestors, who were arrested, had many dangerous objects “including a glass jar filled with flammable liquid, a bottle containing an accelerant, a slugging weapon known as a “slung shot,” a stun gun, and a baton. Two of the individuals arrested had ballistic vests.” Most of the crowd of protestors had left the area by 1 a.m. – much earlier than the previous night.

Source: KOIN, Night 101: Protests persist at North Precinct, 15 arrested, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/protests-in-portland-expected-to-continue-into-night-101/


Night of September 5/Early Morning September 6


This night marked the 100th night of protests in downtown Portland and a riot was declared. The scene of the riot was in southeast Portland and the East Portland Community Policing Center. The riot was declared after one of the rioters threw a Molotov cocktail towards police officers. The Molotov cocktail started a fire in the middle of the street and one person was injured from it. Other items thrown at police were rocks, fireworks, and mortars which hit officers in the head, arms, shoulders, and feet. One of the fireworks hit a police sergeant which injured the sergeant’s hand and burned his glove. One rioter used a “wrist-rocket” slingshot to launch objects at police. Rioters also set fire to dumpsters, garbage cans and wooden pallets. “An Oregon State Police car was damaged by rocks.” More than 50 people were arrested.

Source: KOIN, Night 100: Riot, Molotov cocktail, injuries, 59 arrests, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/portland-protest-night-100-pioneer-courthouse-square-waterfront-park-09052020/


Riot declared 9/5/20: Oregonian, Portland Protest Declared Riot Soon After It Begins in SE Portland, https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2020/09/portland-protest-declared-riot-soon-after-it-begins-in-se-portland-live-updates.html


Night of September 4/Early Morning September 5


The Portland Police Association offices in north Portland were the site again for protestors. Another unlawful assembly was declared. Police were already stationed outside the building ready for the protestors. Protestors threw items such as water bottles, a full beverage can, and a rock at officers. Police warned protestors that they will be arrested if they did not leave and reports say that almost no protestor heeded the warning. More than two dozen arrests were made. One of those arrested had an outstanding warrant and was a felon in a possession of a gun. 

Source: KOIN, Night 99: Unlawful assembly at police union, 27 arrests, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/night-99-protests-continue-after-reinoehl-danielson-deaths/

Night of September 3/Early Morning September 4


The Penumbra Kelly Building in Southeast Portland was the main scene for protestors. Police warned protestors to not step on the property and many of the protestors dismissed those warnings and did step on the property. Protestors threw rocks and water bottles toward the building, threw items at cars in the parking lot of the building and spray painted the west side of the building. Someone drove a vehicle through a crowd but nobody was hit by the vehicle. Officials expect protests to turn violent on the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend.

Source: KOIN, Night 98: Protesters march to Penumbra Kelly Building, 2 arrests, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/portland-protests-night-98-pearl-district-laurelhust-park-pioneer-courthouse-square-09032020/


Night of September 2/Early Morning September 3


The Portland Police Bureau’s North Precinct was the site for protestors this night. Protestors blocked the street entrance to the building where many of the employees working in the building enter and exit from the building. Officers warned the protestors to leave the area, but the protestors continued to gather. The protestors threw rocks and water bottles at the officers, many of the officers hit were stationed on the roof of the North Precinct building. The protestors continued to advance on the officers into the night and early morning. The protestors tore down barricades and police tape set up by the officers to stop the protestors from coming any further toward the street of the building.


Source: KOIN, Night 97: Protesters march to PPB’s North Precinct, 3 arrested, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/night-97-ppb-preps-for-protest-at-north-precinct/

Night of September 1/Early Morning September 2

There were no large groups of protestors and only a small number of protestors gathered outside the Multnomah County Justice Center. There are no reports of damage to any property and Portland Police did not declare an unlawful assembly or riot.  The previous night saw rioters march to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s home to demand that he resign. Rioters heavily damaged the housing building Wheeler lives in.

Source: The Oregonian, Portland protests quiet Tuesday as demonstrations, response remain in spotlight, https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2020/09/portland-protests-quiet-tuesday-as-demonstrations-response-remain-in-national-spotlight.html


Night of August 31/Early Morning September 1

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s home was the target of protestors and a riot was declared. Rioters marched to his home in the Pearl District to demand his resignation. Rioters lit a fire in the street.  They threw a picnic table, stolen from a local business, and stolen office supplies from a dental office, they looted, into the fire. Rioters also lit newspapers and threw them into a residential building while still on fire. 

Source: The Oregonian, March to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s home declared riot Monday as burning debris thrown into building: Key takeaways, https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2020/09/protesters-march-to-portland-mayor-ted-wheelers-residence-monday-throw-birthday-party-demand-resignation-live-updates.html

Night of August 30/Early Morning August 31


Protestors threw many objects at Police and at the Penumbra Kelly building in Southeast Portland. An unlawful assembly was declared. Police arrested more than two dozen protestors. Two of the protestors had handguns on them and one of the protestor’s illegally possessed a handgun. Other protestors arrested carried knives, rocks and an expandable baton. One of the protestors had a federal warrant out for their arrest.

Source: KOIN, Night 94: Unlawful assembly, 29 arrests in SE Portland, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/night-94-group-gathers-at-penumbra-kelly-building/


Night of August 29/Early Morning August 30

A conflict erupted between demonstrators and counter demonstrators in downtown Portland which lead to a deadly shooting. Following the deadly shooting, a crowd of protesters mobilized through streets of downtown Portland sparking sporadic acts of violence and vandalism. Ten people were arrested following Saturday’s events; the majority of the charges included Disorderly Conduct and Interfering with a Peace Officer. A Portland man was also charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm.  The suspect in the deadly shooting is still at large.

Source: KOIN, Ten arrested following 93rd night of protesting, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/portland-demonstrations-police-justice-center-night-93/


Night of August 28/Early Morning August 29

The Portland Police Association building was once again the target by protesters. Protestors wheeled multiple dumpsters into the road in front of the building and set at least one of the dumpsters on fire. Several other protestors lit a mattress on fire against the door of the building. Protestors threw many objects at police including rocks. The rocks thrown by the protesters hit multiple officers and a few of the officers suffered minor injuries.

Source: KOIN, Night 92: Fires set at PPA office; presumed complex of Portland mayor occupied, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/night-92-solidarity-with-kenosha-portland-protests/

Night of August 27/Early Morning of August 28

There were no reports of clashes between protestors and police and a peaceful march was led starting at a park in Southwest Portland and ending at the Multnomah County Justice Center. This was the first night of protests this month which has featured 13 riots declared by police and where more than 200 protestors have been arrested. The Portland Mayor earlier in the day on Thursday met with business and civic leaders to discuss how to turn things around in downtown Portland. The meeting with leaders came a day after he held a press conference condemning the violence against police and the destruction of property.  


Source: The Oregonian, Protests calm as Donald Trump derides Portland in RNC speech, Ted Wheeler pledges downtown revival, https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2020/08/protests-calm-as-donald-trump-derides-portland-ted-wheeler-pledges-downtown-revival.html

Night of August 26/Early Morning August 27

For the first time in six days a riot was not declared however police did declare an unlawful assembly. There were clashes between pro-police and anti-police outside a Gresham police station with another demonstration outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building in South Portland. Protestors threw egg, bottles, rocks and paint at police officers during the night. Protesters spray-painted the ICE building, smashed the building’s windows and shot a camera with a paintball gun which disabled it. Protestors also started to pepper spray the officers.

Source: The Oregonian, “Demonstrations flare in Gresham, Portland Wednesday night: Key takeaways,” https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2020/08/opposing-protests-flare-in-gresham-on-91st-night-of-demonstrations-wednesday-live-updates.html


Night of August 25/Early Morning August 26

A riot was declared. Violence mainly occurred at Portland City Hall. Protestors entered Portland City Hall where they graffitied the rotunda and smashed a surveillance camera, a door switch and broke glass doors, and windows. A protestor “ignited an aerosol can and sprayed it toward the City Hall building. Protestors threw eggs and bottles. A protestor shined a “powerful laser in an officer’s eyes three different times.” Protestors also shattered a bus stop shelter.

Source: The Oregonian, “Riot declared as Portland protests move to City Hall on 3-month anniversary of George Floyd’s death,” https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2020/08/portland-protests-continue-on-3-month-anniversary-of-george-floyds-death.html

Night of August 24/Early Morning August 25


A riot was declared after a fire was set outside of the Portland Police Association building. There was another fire set behind the building. Flames from the fires went up the sides of the building. Both of the fires were put out quickly. There were over two dozen protesters arrested during the night. One of the protesters arrested carried a concealed weapon. Other protestors who were arrested had other weapons, including an electronic control weapon, baton, dagger, and multiple knives.


Source: The Oregonian, Portland police move in quickly, declare riot as fires set outside union headquarters: Key takeaways,


Night of August 23/Early Morning of August 24

Another riot was declared. Protestors threw pieces of ceramic, rocks, glass bottles, and a balloon filled with feces. Police officers on the roof of the Portland Police Bureau building were hit by rocks and a piece of ceramic cut a lieutenant’s hand. Police cars were also hit by thrown bottles, paint bombs, rocks, and heavy metal screws. Protesters also didn’t listen to police as they ordered the protestors to leave; this only prompted the protestors to get even closer to police and the protestors even pushed burning dumpsters toward the police. An awning on a building was also lit on fire.


Source: The Oregonian, Awning set on fire during Portland protest; police declare riot, use tear gas: key takeaways, https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2020/08/building-awning-set-aflame-police-declare-riot-deploy-tear-gas-in-88th-night-of-portland-protests-sunday.html


Night of August 22/Early Morning of August 23

Another riot was declared. Protestors gathered around the Penumbra Kelly Building for most of the night’s violence. Protestors threw rocks, eggs, glass bottles, and paintballs at police. A Portland Fire & Rescue medic worker was hit by one of the large rocks and suffered a minor injury. There were dueling demonstrations earlier in the day between pro-police and anti-police groups with scuffles between the two groups for several hours.

Source: Koin.com, 14 arrests, riot declared as protests near 3-month milestone, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/night-86-direct-action-march-planned-for-normandale-park/


Night of August 21/Early Morning of August 22

The protests were declared an unlawful assembly and then later declared a riot by Portland Police. Most of the night’s violence occurred at the North Precinct of the Portland Police Bureau building. Police cars were heavily damaged with broken windows (a street sign was used to damage those cars) and tires were deflated. A Boys and Girls Club van’s window was also broken. A dumpster was also lit on fire. Protestors threw rocks, a railroad spike, eggs, bottles, golf balls, rocks ball bearings, plastic eggs filled with paint, and balloons filled with feces at police.

Source: KOIN.com, Night 85 ends in riot: More property destroyed, 9 arrested, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/night-85-black-lives-matter-march-at-irving-park/

Night of August 20/Early Morning August 21

An unlawful assembly near the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in South Portland was declared by Portland Police. Protestors spray painted the building’s security cameras, banged on the doors, and tampered with the control panel to the building’s gate. Protestors threw rocks, bottles, traffic cones, and paint balloons at police officers. Protestors also lit off fireworks, started a dumpster fire, and set two other fires.

Source: KOIN, Night 84: Unlawful assembly declared, tear gas used near ICE facility, https://www.koin.com/news/protests/night-84-kenton-park-march-and-sellwood-park-pop-up-protest/


Night of August 19/Early Morning August 20

A riot was declared before 11 p.m. Protesters mainly gathered around the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office in South Portland where they sprayed graffiti of expletives on the outside walls and windows, broke several windows, attempted to break other windows, and shoved traffic cones over security cameras. Protestors threw water bottles, toilet paper rolls, glass bottles, full soda cans, rocks, and even a hammer at police officers. Protestors also blocked several streets including Bancroft Street, Moody Avenue and an off-ramp from Macadam Street. Another group of protesters gathered near Gaines Street and Bond Avenue, where protesters set a fire in the middle of the intersection where they tossed two restaurant benches into the blaze.


Source: The Oregonian, Riot declared as Portland protesters, federal officers clash in protest at ICE building, https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2020/08/portland-protests-continue-for-84th-night-block-traffic-from-sw-macadam-live-updates.html

Night of August 18/Early Morning August 19

A riot was declared. The Multnomah Building became the third main county building to be vandalized since protests began in May. Large rocks were thrown by protesters to break the first-floor windows of the Multnomah Building and then a fire was set inside the building. Protesters broke other windows of the building and lit fires in dumpsters as well as lit fires outside and around the Multnomah Building.


Source: The Oregonian, Demonstrators gather for 83rd night of protests; riot declared as Multnomah Building damaged, https://www.oregonlive.com/crime/2020/08/demonstrators-gather-for-83rd-night-of-protests-march-to-multnomah-building-live-updates.html

Night of August 17/Early Morning August 18

Protestors gathered mainly around the Portland police union headquarters where protestors have spray painted the plywood covering the building’s walls. Some protesters broke through a piece of the plywood covering an entry inside the headquarters and caused an unknown amount of water damage by attempting to flood the building with a hose. Protestors also threw bottles at police.

Source: The Oregonian, Portland protesters gather for 82nd night of demonstrations Monday near police union headquarters, https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2020/08/portland-protesters-gather-for-82nd-night-of-demonstrations-monday-near-police-union-headquarters-live-updates.html

Night of August 16/Early Morning August 17

There was a violent clash at the scene of a pickup truck crash which headlined the night’s violence. Earlier in the night, protesters gathered at the entrance to the Portland Police Bureau headquarters and just a few blocks away, a white Ford truck crashed at an intersection after the driver of the truck was being chased by protesters. A group of protestors were shown on video kicking, punching, and restraining the driver. As the man sat dazed in the street, a person ran from behind and kicked him in the face. It appeared from the video that he was knocked unconscious. Police responded to the scene and faced a “hostile crowd” around the scene.

Source: The Oregonian, Portland marks 81st night of protests Sunday as mother of man shot by police speaks outside Justice Center, https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2020/08/portland-marks-81st-consecutive-night-of-protests-sunday-with-demonstration-outside-justice-center.html


Night of August 15/Early Morning August 16

Police declared a riot. Pro-Police protesters and anti-Police protestors held dueling demonstrations and broke out into fights with each other. Protestors threw the following items at police officers or buildings: water bottles, eggs, safety cones, and rocks. Protestors set off fireworks, spray-painted graffiti, and attempted to pull down a street sign. One protester threw a projectile that smashed a window of a police vehicle. Someone also crashed an SUV into the Portland Police Union Building but police said that person was intoxicated and may not have been associated with the protests.


Source: The Oregonian, Portland protest declared riot Saturday; afternoon counter-protest ends in reports of gunshots, https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2020/08/reports-of-gunshots-at-counter-protest-as-80th-consecutive-day-of-portland-protests-begins.html

News Accounts

Riots Declared by Portland Police